Granite's natural beauty, durability, and infinite variety of patterns and colors make it one of the most desired and practical countertop materials. Granite, along with several other natural stones is one of the easiest countertop materials to maintain and, with proper care, will stay new looking for years.

When it comes to finishing your kitchen countertop with granite you have several options to consider.  The main options consist of a large, solid slab.  Solid slabs require professional installation, and the labor and materials cost can become extremely expensive. Granite tile is by far the most economical route to take. Most granite tile countertops are made up of small 12” x 12” tiles and a front edge cut and polished by hand. This method, although inexpensive, is very time consuming and the resulting edges are never perfectly smooth. That’s where Lazy Granite comes in.

We have automated the edging process to produce perfect bullnose and ogee edges every time. Lazy Granite pre-fabricates large granite tiles in several sizes and configurations, making your kitchen install a fast and painless process with edges that will impress even the toughest mother-in-law. Your counters will have a luxurious look and feel that only a slab granite top can give you, but for the price of tile! Installing Lazy Granite in your kitchen is guaranteed to make your neighbors jealous... and you can tell them you did it yourself!

Not sure how many tiles you will need to order for your kitchen?  No problem! We have highly trained estimators that would love to help you figure out the details!  Simply stop by one of our showrooms, or email us a diagram of your granite counters.  It’s that easy!

Lazy Granite gives you the beautiful and elegant look that only slab can provide. Tile components are made from only premium A-grade granite, color-matched for a seamless flow and available in over 14 designer colors. We use granite only from large lots to ensure shade flow and consistency. Each order goes through rigorous quality control standards to minimize shade variations and is then securely shipped in custom-designed packaging materials.

Once you place your order, rest easy knowing you have the top guys in the industry hard at work for you!  We'll carefully package everything up and ship it to you direct! Not enough?  Shipping to the continental U.S. is FREE on orders of $600 or more!  In a matter of days you'll have luxurious granite tile counters that will enhance the beauty of your kitchen and increase the value of your home, and you can install it yourself!

On top of everything else, Lazy Granite gives you the look of slab for significantly less cost and investment - up to 75% less than the cost of granite slab! Unlike granite slab, there are no hidden costs. You don’t need to purchase an entire slab only to use a portion of it!  With Lazy Granite you order only what you need, reducing cost and waste.  Once you have it installed, all you need to do is a few basic cleaning and maintenance procedures to keep it looking new for a lifetime.

Other than gentle cleaning, all you need to do is reseal with a penetrating stone sealer at least every year or two to prevent staining.  This type of sealing is standard for granite or any other natural stone such as marble, travertine, and slate. Granite is porous and must be sealed with a penetrating stone sealer after installation. This will protect the granite from staining or scratching and will also maintain the beautiful shine.

Seal with a penetrating stone sealer, such as Stone Care International Stone and Grout Sealer.  To clean your Lazy Granite countertop, use a cleaner recommended for that will gently and safely clean while sealing and protecting the granite. Always use a neutral cleaner with a pH between 7 and 10.

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