It is fairly easy to seal the granite kitchen countertops Denver suppliers offer. It is so easy that most of the tools and supplies you need for this project are already in your arsenal, and if you are missing any tools, they can be easily found in any local hardware store. By taking this project on yourself, you can save hundreds of dollars and still get professional results.

Cleaning your granite is the first step in sealing your countertop. It is very important to make sure that your granite is clean and dry before you seal it. You can use any type of granite cleaner on your countertop, but the best results come from a product specifically designed for natural stone. Black diamond granite counter cleaner is the most highly recommended cleaner that promises to never leave any harmful residues.

Before sealing the granite countertop it is a good idea to clean the countertop twice allowing time for it to dry in between cleanings. waiting about one hour in between cleanings will ensure that the cleaner has penetrated the stone giving better surface and subsurface protection.
After the granite countertop is completely clean you can move onto the sealing portion of the job. To get the professional results you desire you need to use professional grade products that are designed for natural stone. Granite sealer is a great product that will not alter the appearance of your natural granite countertop's gloss or stone. Granite countertop sealer is easy to use, and does most of the work for you. The best sealers have a spray top that make it so much easier to cover the counter without having to pour it out of a container with a flip top.
Seal your granite countertops every one to three years depending on how often the countertops are used.
Spray the sealer on the countertop to apply it to the granite. When using a spray bottle applicator, you are really only applying a mist of the sealant. To ensure that you get full coverage on your granite countertop Colorado Springs, use can use a kitchen sponge, paintbrush or paint pad to spread the product on the granite. Flat painting pads can be found at any hardware or paint supply store. The painting pads are a great tool that help you manipulate the sealer across the countertop making sure to get complete coverage of the sealer. The flat pad forces the granite sealer down into the stone. Make sure that you pay special attention to high activity areas around ranges, coffee makers and sinks where grease and debris are likely to spray on the countertop.

Next, use a cloth towel to dry the countertops, and prevent spills onto cabinates and floors. Drying the stone thoroughly is very important because streaks can occur if any residue is left behind. Don't forget to clean and seal your backsplash as well. Also, if this is the first time sealing your granite, it is a good idea to seal the countertop twice.

The countertops are ready to use in about three hours. The sealing process only takes about 20-30 minutes, so if you want to preserve your granite countertops it is one of the easiest and most effective projects you can do.

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